Paintings by Richard Wawro


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Please click on the links above to see examples of Richard's artwork. Each link will take you to a page containing a number of thumbnail images. You can then click on the thumbnail images to load a page containing a larger sized image. You can navigate through the larger sized images by using the single arrows or use the double arrow.<< to return to Richard's homepage.

The pictures are catalogued in approximate chronological sequence with the exception of numbers 1 to around 300 which were done in the sixties when Richard aged from 8 to 18. From around 300 onwards the pictures are in sequence. Numbers 306 to 1590 were done in the seventies, 1591 to 2278 were done in the eighties, and the most recent picture to be catalogued is numbered 2447. This vast treasury of pictures must make Richard one of the most prolific living artists.

There are 108 pictures on the site so far and they are not in any particular sequence. The intention is to have all of them available for viewing on the site.



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