Richard Wawro

1952 - 2006

Richard Wawro was a remarkable Scottish artist who earned widespread acclaim for his detailed drawings created with the unusual medium of wax oil crayons. With these he produced exceedingly detailed, dramatic images of intense depth and colour.

Richard died on February 22nd, 2006 after a brave fight against cancer. This site is dedicated to his memory. The site contains many images of Richard’s pictures. To view the images follow this link to the picture gallery.

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Richard developed his art well beyond the constrictions of his autism and physical disability. To read his fascinating story follow this link to his biography. Read his obituary at this link.

The drawings of Richard Wawro have a popular appeal which is not confined to traditional artistic circles. His work is admired and owned by people who would not consider themselves art collectors. Notable owners of Richard Wawro originals are Lady Margaret Thatcher and Pope John Paul II. To read more about Richards media popularity follow this link to the press room.

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